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Project Description

Service Excellence for Business Programs

Improve Your English While Being Immersed in Classes and Canadian Work Placements

The Service Excellence for Business program offers students an opportunity to learn essential Canadian workplace skills in customer service excellence, sales, hospitality, human resource fundamentals and an introduction to leadership in the workplace.



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Program Duration

48 weeks
40 weeks
26 weeks

Co-op Work Experience

The Co-op Work placement is an essential part of the 48 and 40 week programs. Students will practice the skills they have learned in class and gain Canadian work experience. Co-op is also an opportunity to develop professional contacts within the industry and enhance students’ résumés while studying. Full-time students who qualify are permitted to work in Canada up to 20 hours per week during their study component and up to 40 hours per week during their co-op work experience.
Our Co-op Advisors support students throughout the process of finding the right placement.
Learn more about our career services here.



Service Excellence for Business//Diploma//48 Weeks

24 weeks studying + 24 weeks work experience

Service Essentials for Business//Diploma//40 Weeks

20 weeks studying + 20 weeks work experience

Service Excellence for Business//Certificate//26 Weeks

26 weeks studying

*Indicates an average English progression while attending the Service Excellence program.
Level progression may vary and is dependent on effort, regular attendance and self-study time outside of class.
2018 reading breaks: May 7 – 11 • Aug 6-10 • Dec 17-28. These are self-study times and there will be no classes.
The duration of the program remains the same. There is a 5-hour Work Experience Placement Course delivered throughout the program.
The work experience component cannot exceed more than 50% of the total program of study.


Course Descriptions

(6 weeks/60 hours)
This course establishes a foundation for the development and practice of the values, attitudes, and skills necessary for entry-level employees, new Canadians, and immigrants to transition into Canadian workplace culture. Students will create resumes, learn interviewing skills, and practice skills essential for effective business communication. Through the exploration of their aptitudes, students will learn how transferable skills lead to success in their chosen profession.
(6 weeks/60 hours)
This course is designed to prepare students for an entry-level position in one of the most in-demand industries – food and beverage. Topics include the roles and responsibilities of a food and beverage worker including the purpose of safety in the workplace.
(6 weeks/60 hours)
This course prepares students for an entry-level front desk position by providing an overview of the roles and responsibilities of front line representatives in various industries. Topics will include key administrative tasks for hotel front desk, office reception, service providers and beyond.
(6 weeks/60 hours)
This course will provide learners with the knowledge of how human resources management increases company performance. Students will explore topics of, recruiting and selection, training and retention, employee relations, and health and safety from a management level perspective.
(6 weeks/60 hours)
This course explores the core competencies and best practices that enhance excellent customer service solutions. Students will exceed customer expectations through the understanding of moments of truth, the anticipation of customer needs, and the use of the service recovery process securing a competitive advantage.
(6 weeks/60 hours)
Through the planning and execution of a small-scale event, students will examine the process of conceptualizing, planning, developing, marketing, and staging events of various types. Students explore practical subjects such as financial planning, project administrative and management tasks, negotiation, and other roles and responsibilities of Conference and Event Coordinators.
(6 weeks/60 hours)
This course focuses on the transferable skills applicable for wide range of sales environments and the principles of providing exceptional service. Students will study proven techniques for the phases of the sales cycle including product-selling strategies and solutions, partnership building, and buyer behavior.
(6 weeks/60 hours)
This course will help students develop the confidence, capacity, and competence to effectively lead in dynamic business environments. Students will learn leadership skills through the analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses and communication strategies required for successful leadership. Topics include defining leadership in various roles, working in teams, using motivation techniques, and resolving conflict.
(2 weeks/40 hours)
In this course, students are required to complete a project based on the core principles of customer service. This is a chance to apply the skills and knowledge they have accumulated from each course of the program as well as an opportunity to think critically about their experiences in customer service from a Canadian perspective.

2018 Start Dates

March 26
May 14
June 25
August 13
September 24
November 5

Holiday Policy
Regular classes are closed on both Toronto and Vancouver’s official holidays. When a holiday is on Monday, ILAC International College will be closed
for regular classes. However, orientation for new students will take place.

2018 Reading Breaks
May 7-11 • Aug 6-10 • Dec 17-28. These are self-study times and there will be no classes.

2019 Start Dates

January 02
February 11
March 25
May 13
June 24
August 12
September 23
November 4
January 6, 2020

Holiday Policy
Regular classes are closed on both Toronto and Vancouver’s official holidays. When a holiday is on Monday, ILAC International College will be closed
for regular classes. However, orientation for new students will take place.

2019 Reading Breaks
May 6-10 • Aug 5-9 • Dec 16 to Jan 3. These are self-study times and there will be no classes


Program Fees

Service Excellence for Business Diploma 48 Weeks

Program Fee with Diversity Discount$7,200

Service Essentials for Business Diploma 40 Weeks

Diversity Incentive*-$4,240
Student Pays$6,160

Service Excellence for Business Certificate 26 Weeks

Diversity Incentive*-$3,240
Student Pays$6,760

Other Fees

Administration Fee$200
Textbook Material Fee (48 & 26 week programs)$520 (includes all textbooks)
Textbook Material Fee (40 week program)$390 (includes all textbooks)
Health Insurance$17.50/week


Accommodation Placement Service$200
Homestay with 3 Meals/Day (Single Room)$240/week

(all prices are in Canadian dollars)
*Diversity Incentives may be awarded to qualified students.
*All information provided is current as of publication and is subject to change.
*Textbooks not included in tuition fee.
*Accommodation services are provided by ILAC – International Language Academy of Canada.
Please contact an ILAC representative for more information. Additional fees may apply.


Admission Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older

  • International Students: ILAC English Pre-Advanced level 10 or IELTS Academic 4.5 or equivalent (see chart below)

  • Successful interview with an ILAC International College team member

  • Education Qualification: High school/secondary diploma or higher education*

  • Work or volunteer experience in Customer Service is an asset

ILAC International Language Academy of Canada is the pathway school to ILAC International College.
Learn more at:

Entry Requirements based on ILAC English levels:

English levels and exit scores

*Note for Vancouver Students: Certified translation may be required if the certificate/diploma/degree is in a language other than English.
**Note for Toronto Students: if a student completes his/her diploma or degree in a country other than Canada and the U.S., student must assess his/her credentials through a recognized assessment service (you may contact the World Education Services or the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada), or achieve 14 points on the Wonderlic test.

Students must achieve the minimum required test exit scores in ILAC level 10 to be admitted into the program.


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