“What is the most stressful time of the academic year?”

Tips for Final Exams

POSTED BY: ILAC International College

What is the most stressful time of the academic year: the beginning, the mid-terms, the networking? We believe that we can all agree that the final exams take the prize!

It is not always easy to study by yourself and classes might sometimes be a little distracting. Understanding your memory’s capability and studying in a place where you feel comfortable are great strategies, but there are always a few tricks you can use to secure a good grade ­– and a ticket to the next step in your education.

1. Attend Review Sessions

Before final exams, professors usually go over all the material one last time. Topics that may not be so fresh in your memory will always need a touch-up and attending these last sessions will help you with the older topics as well as give you an opportunity to ask them any questions you may have.

2. Study outside of the margins!

Knowledge is power, and although we are always inclined to stay between the lines of what is supposed to come in the exam, studying everything always help us understand the storyline or the process better.

3. Quiz Yourself

What is your favourite candy? Reward yourself every single time that you get a right answer or complete an equation. PRO TIP: Eat some of the candy before the exam to positively trigger your mind to remember the correct answers.

4. Make it fun!

Remember that you are not going to retain anything that you don’t find interesting. Make sure that along the process, you are rewarding yourself properly, taking enough scheduled breaks, and using your time wisely to get everything you need done and still get a good night sleep, as it is the most important aspect of doing good on tests. This will put you on the path to success and onto your next challenge. Do not stop learning!

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