“With motivation and hard work, anything is possible.”

“With motivation and hard work anything is possible. After finishing my program, I can say that it was profoundly challenging and that I am proud of myself. Thank you so much ILAC International College for your support”

Olivier is a recent grad from our Service Excellence for Business Diploma program at ILAC International College, Vancouver campus. Upon arriving to Canada, Olivier took almost seven months of English to enrich and perfect the language before being transferred to the college. Olivier chose to study at ILAC International College because of the Co-op programs which guaranteed him Canadian work experience.

“I really liked it because the program breakdown was perfect for me. Spending 6-months in the classroom studying, followed by a 6-month Co-op was the best way to get real Canadian work experience.

“I loved my experience at ILAC International College; it is an amazing school. The staff and faculty were always very organized, and you can really feel that they care about you and your goals.”

One of the most amazing things about ILAC International College was the student experience. During my time studying here I had classes with people from Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Spain, Turkey, France, and more! I can say that I have friends from all around the world. If you are someone like me who loves to travel and discover cultures, then ILAC is the place for you because you will learn and experience those things every day.

To be one our next success story and learn more about our School of Customer Service programs make sure to visit: https://ilacinternationalcollege.com/programs/

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