“Cesar decided to join the Sales and Marketing Diploma with Co-Op to understand the North American market a little better.”

Cesar Zuniga: When Fantasy and Marketing Collide

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Cesar Zuniga is far from an ordinary student. As a prolific writer and independently published author of “Alfheim: La travesía de Veraldine [Alfheim: The Journey of Veraldine]”, he decided to join us at ILAC International College with a dream to market his books to a bigger audience, as well as finish the translation of his books from Spanish to English.

Cesar decided to join the Sales and Marketing Diploma with Co-Op to understand the North American market a little better. With courses like Digital Marketing, Integrated Brand Promotion, Professional Sales and Social Media Marketing, the Sales and Marketing Diploma Program seemed like a great fit from the get-go.

Cesar explains:

One of the main reasons I came to Canada was because I wanted to translate them (the books) to English and to increase my readers around the world; maybe even find a publisher here since being an independent writer is quite complicated. I also decided to study at ILAC International College in the Sales and Marketing program to understand marketing campaigns and increase my sales.” 

The name of the books in Spanish are:

  • Vestigios del pasado
  • Pasaje de las eras
  • Duelo de sangre

“So far I have three books published for sale on Amazon.com (Kindle) and hard copies as well. I’m writing the fourth one which I’m planning to publish by the end of this year.”

Coming up with a whole story or a marketing campaing is never easy. Courses found in the program like Marketing Foundations and Consumer Behaviour help students, like Cesar, to understand: what the market is looking for, how it works, and the best tecniques to implement to advertise your product or service.

Cesar tells us a little bit more about the storyline:

“It is a fantasy story that talks about elves and other fantastic creatures among humans. The story is not in our time nor in our world; the story starts 1,500 years from our days in a planet named Adnalia. The principal protagonist is an elven girl name Veraldine who has the opportunity and duty to save her people from human oppression suffered since the invasion. In her path she will discover love from people she never imagined, and also, that evil does not only come from the human beings.”

Along with a great adventure, and even its own vocabulary/alphabet found inside the pages of the books, Cesar wants to share this incredible and intricate story with the world, and here at ILAC International College, we are happy to help him achieve this and so much more!

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