ILAC International College Launches New Health Care Administration Diploma Program

Toronto, August 8, 2019: ILAC International College is excited to launch its new Health Care Administration Diploma Program, as part of the new School of Health. Students accepted into the program will develop the professional knowledge and skills needed to work in the field of health care administration in Canada.

The program covers all aspects of patient service in the Canadian Health Care System, including medical terminology, hospital administration, infection control, finance, billing and medical software simulation.

Students will have the option of participating in a co-op work placement and immersing themselves in the health care administrative industry in Canada. The co-op gives students a chance to practice the knowledge they have learned in class and at the same time gain Canadian work experience.

Medical terminology, communicating effectively and maintaining strong customer service standards are the top three skills employers are looking for when hiring graduates for positions in the field of health care administration.

Health Care Administration Diploma with Co-op / 92 Weeks

Breakdown of the ILAC International College Health Care Administration Diploma with Co-op.

ILAC International College has partnered with two reputable industry experts to assist with the design and delivery of this exciting new program.

Dr. Philip Solomon (right) and his brother Dr. Steve Solomon have partnered with ILAC International College to develop its new Diploma in Health Care Administration.

Dr. Philip Solomon is an otolaryngologist head and neck surgeon who has been practicing facial plastic cosmetic surgery in Toronto for 20 years. Dr. Solomon’s practice specializes in facial cosmetics, rhinoplasty and reconstructive surgery.  He is joined by his brother, Dr. Steve Solomon, who completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Toronto and is an expert in all facets of dentistry, including periodontal care, endodontics, crown and bridge therapy, family care and cosmetic dentistry.

“We bring two areas of expertise into the new School of Health and the Diploma in Health Care Administration at ILAC International College. We see the needs and gaps when looking for excellent staff with broad experience in the healthcare field, “says Dr. Philip Solomon. “We are joining ILAC International College to create a premier program that will educate and provide the up-to-date skills that are needed by the industry.

“We’ve seen the kind of staff that we, our colleagues and our patients need. There is a long process of training and learning and we’ve seen a trend of unqualified health care staff,” says Dr. Steve Solomon. “We think our program will be unique because of our expertise and ILAC International College’s ability to cater to people overseas, acclimate them to Canada and train them to be skilled individuals.”

“Philip and Steve Solomon helped us develop a program that is catered specifically to the needs of the industry; the needs of dentists, surgeons and health care business owners,” says Fernanda Trincado, Admissions Director at ILAC International College. “One of our goals is to reach those who already have health care experience back home and are looking for a stepping stone to transfer their degree to Canada. By working and studying in the industry as soon as they get to Canada, they will already have the experience needed to jumpstart their career. Almost 50% of the population in Toronto is from outside of Canada and many ILAC International College students speak two or more languages, which is attractive to employers.”

HCA Assistant

Start living your dream today of becoming a professional health care administrator in Canada.

Offered at ILAC International College’s state-of-the-art campus in Toronto, the program is 52 weeks long with the option of 40 additional weeks of a paid work placement. The co-op work placement is an essential portion of the program that gives students a chance to practice the skills learned in class while gaining Canadian work experience. Co-op is also a great opportunity for students to build professional contacts within the industry and gain first-hand entry-level experience in Canada.

The work experience during the co-op term may include entry-level positions such as Medical Office Assistant, Medical Receptionist / Office Administrator, Medical Office Manager, Patient Care Coordinator, Medical Secretary and Wellness Clinic Assistant.

Courses are offered during the evenings, furthering opportunities for students to find better part-time jobs during the day and practice their knowledge, language and interpersonal skills off campus.

The English level requirement for the Health Care Administration Diploma Program is ILAC English Advanced Level 12 or IELTS Academic 5.0.

For more information, visit ILAC International College – Health Care Administration Diploma Program  or contact

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