“Experience the city first-hand and build your future when you study and work at ILAC IC in Vancouver!”

Top 5 Reasons to Study at ILAC International College in Vancouver


Canadian flag in front of view of False Creek and the Burrard street bridge in Vancouver, Canada.

Whether you are planning for a career in business, marketing or hospitality, ILAC International College in Vancouver has something for everyone. Located along the coast of British Columbia in Canada, Vancouver is known for its incredible views and high standard of living. Experience the city first-hand and build your future when you study and work at ILAC IC in Vancouver!

Here are 5 reasons why international students who are looking for work experience choose Vancouver:

  1.  Employment Opportunities

Vancouver has a thriving downtown business district and is famous for its tourism, hospitality, film and technology industries. The top careers in all fields require excellent communication and people skills, creative thinking and business know-how. Many international students choose to study and work in Vancouver for its variety of co-op opportunities related to sales, marketing and customer service.

  1.  Travel & Tourism

If you’re studying for a career in tourism or hospitality, Vancouver is the place to be. The city offers world class attractions such as museums, galleries, the aquarium, and some of the biggest trees in the world in Stanley Park. If you’re a bit more adventurous, check out Capilano Suspension Bridge or go whale watching. (Be prepared that the whales might watch you too!)

  1.  Outdoor Activities

Vancouver is perfect for international students who love nature. You can try activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, water biking, hiking, rock climbing, skydiving, zip lining, skiing and snowboarding almost all year long.  Or just go outside for a walk along the beach to enjoy the fresh air and sea breeze – there is nothing quite like it!

  1.  Cultural Diversity

In addition to studying with other students from around the world, you will discover that Vancouver has many different ethnic communities. The English, Irish and Scottish were historically the largest groups in Vancouver, followed by Germans and then the Chinese. If you like to experience different cultures and try new foods, don’t miss a visit to Chinatown, Little Italy, Greektown and the Punjabi Market. Yum!

  1.  Natural Beauty

One of the most famous things about Vancouver is its physical beauty. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and a shimmering blue sea, Vancouver is truly stunning. That’s why Vancouver has been named one of the “Most Beautiful Cities in the World,” by Forbes and Buzzfeed. Best of all, Vancouver is also beautiful on the inside.😉

Did you know? Students who are enrolled full-time in either the Sales & Marketing Diploma, Business Administration or Service Excellent for Business are permitted to work off-campus up to 20 hours per week during their study component and up to 40 hours per week during their co-op work experience.  Learn more at www.ilacic.com

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