“…every day, we are given more tasks and duties to complete…”

How to use Technology for Better Organization

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We live in a very fast world; every day, we are given more tasks and duties to complete in the same amount of time. Some of us trust our mind, some use a simple agenda, but in the end it might not be enough.

We are in the era of technology, and for our luck, there are a lot of tools out there that we can use for our organizational skills’ benefit!

Here is a list of 5 tools and apps you can use to better organize your life:

1. Todoist

As students and professionals, we all have to-do lists on our phones or agendas, but with Todoist you can archive and organize lists in your phone. You can create or choose from their multiple templates, everything from simple work or event lists, to New Year’s resolutions!

2. Be Focused

On the topic of lists: do you like them, but don’t trust your time management skills? Be Focused does almost the same as Todoist, but you can put how much time you would like the task to take. It helps you focus, manage your time better, and have fewer distractions; perfect for students working on their final exams or projects!

3. Rolodex Business Card Organizer

As we start to network and meet new people, business cards are something we should expect to receive. Where do we put them? In our already full bags/wallets, desks, or anywhere in the house? Card organizers help with having a designated place to store all your new contacts’ cards.

4. Wireless charger

Wires are a thing of the past. A more organized work station means less clutter and fewer cables. Invest in a good wireless charger like the Wireless Hub from NOMAD, which can charge up to five cellphones at the same time.

5. Mint

It doesn’t matter if you are an event planner, part of a marketing team, or just a regular person, we all budget our money. Mint is an amazing free app you can use to better control your finances in your personal and professional setting. You can do your budget, bills and credit checks all in one.

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